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Electrician trade or branch under CTS- Craftsman Training Scheme is one of the most popular courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs. ITI electrician course is a short term professional technical course, which enables students to work on different types of electrical wiring and equipment. This course provides students with fundamental knowledge of the necessary electrical fields. Under this course, students are given a good knowledge of Electrical equipment, Wiring, safety in the electrical field, and other technical details. the detailed information and explanation are being discussed below.

Who should join the ITI electrician course-

Students whose interest is in the electrical field or interested in working on electrical equipment can join this course.
Those who want a high professional degree by paying low fees in a short time, so that they can get an excellent job in both the private sector and government sector, then they should also do this course.


A plumber is a person who works in the mechanical repair and installation industry. The trade programme lasts one year, with two six-month semesters. Installing or maintaining heating systems, fixing sanitation systems, installing home appliances, installing air-conditioning units, installing bathrooms, and emergency repairs are some of the issues covered by trade. There are numerous ITIs throughout the country that provide training in a variety of fields.


This course is designed to prepare students to work with cutting-edge study devices and complete large-scale review projects.
The training programme is structured in such a way that students are exposed to many types of research techniques, such as theodolite review, chain review, plain table review, and so on.


ITI Fitter is a short term professional technical course, In which you are taught about different types of fittings. It is a mechanical branch in which you are given the knowledge to fit different types of machines, pipes, structures. It is a highly job oriented course and the chances of getting a good job are very high. There are many public and private ITI fitter institutes where you can get admission easily.


Welder (Gas & Electric) is a mechanical engineering vocational trade. Trade duration is one year one year with two semesters of six months each. Trade course comprises mainly like welding skills and metal working techniques used in the exploration of metal sculpture; hot and cold working of steel, shielded metal arc welding, oxy-fuel and plasma arc cutting, weld design and finishing techniques; emphasized through hands on instruction and practice with the opportunity for creative expression and practical application. There are many career options after its passing in various fields.